VASERLipo is an advanced body sculpting procedure that eliminates fat and gently reshape your body, making you look and feel your best. VASERLipo can sculpt and shape multiple areas in a single visit. If you have struggled with weight gain where exercise and diet does not work then VASERLipo can help. VASERLipo treatment can be combined with FAT TRANSFER to another area of the body and face.

It’s not easy keeping a slender physique. Fighting fat can be an everyday battle, but some body parts are in fact more susceptible to fat than others. Our bodies all distribute and store fat differently due in part to factors such as body types, genes, age and diet. Do you ever wonder why you’re storing fat in a certain spot? It might be more than just too many cookies. Some of the causes are genes and body shape, Empty calories and fat, gender and the aging process, weight gain, and even poor-fitting clothes. Luckily there are now easy ways to correct these problem areas. We are proud to offer body sculpting lipolysis to relieve individuals of those areas which cannot be reduced by diet or exercise. Our physician is certified and trained in performing SmartLipo and Vaser body sculpting which have been proven to be very effective treatments. He also uses Liposonix as well as ThermiTight. Our physician will determine which treatment or combination of treatments is best for you.

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