I cannot say enough good things about my experience at Renu Institute of Medical Aesthetics. Bella, LuAnn, and Zack were fantastic! I had taken an intro to neurotoxin course at another facility, and did not feel nearly as prepared for solo injections as I did after my training at RIMA. The injectors were both professional and knowledgeable, and their teaching methods really helped me to understand and tie it all together, giving me the confidence I needed to start injecting on my own. Aesthetics is a very competitive world, and getting started can be challenging. It is difficult to find people who genuinely want to teach and are enthusiastic to share their skills, tips, and techniques. It was refreshing to be encouraged and to feel supported by the staff as I take the next step into this new field of nursing. It was truly a privilege to train with the team and I am looking forward to taking other classes they offer in the near future!
Kaitlyn F.


All the instructors were incredibly knowledgeable, patient, and
informative.  LuAnn and Bella provided valuable information about the
field of aesthetics.  Zack assisted with the skills training, went over
the pre-and post-assessment, and assisted with hands-on training of mapping
and injecting Botox into the models.  I was quickly able to gain
confidence with the technique and artistry of aesthetics and I feel
comfortable handling any complications.  I would highly recommend this
course to future injectors and cannot wait to attend another seminar in the
Darya Z

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